How Does 1xbet Bonus Work? How Can Indian people take a bonus?
How does 1xBet bonus work

1xBET bonus is an additional benefit that the gamesters get in the betting application. The bonuses of every application differ from one another and are availed from a new user to an old user. They are unlimited and come with certain terms and conditions. 


The bonuses offered by 1xBET imbibe different features varying from each other. The bonus work has its own feature. Let us study how the bonus works with some examples. 

  • 1xBET uploads different bonuses on its website for the users. The first bonus is the 100% one. In this when a user creates his account he gets 100% of his deposit in the form of bonus. Here the person is required to use the bonus within thirty days and multiple it into five times more. 
  • 1xBET also has a bonus called a Friday bonus. This bonus works only on Fridays. How to understand the function of this bonus? When a bettor makes a deposit on Friday the bonus first checks for the day of deposit. When the day matches as per the set criteria the bonus adds the additional amount to the deposit made. 
  • Now there is another bonus which works on lost games. This bonus is given to the bettors who have lost many bets. The criteria are that the bonus looks for the bettor who has constantly lost his bets for 20 or more times. When this criterion is met with certain bettors the bonus is given to them. But here it is important that the gamester should lose 20 continuous bets avail the bonus. 
  • The bonus works on different days and different criteria. One such bonus is called the jackpot of the day bonus. This bonus works on a regular basis but with different terms and conditions. The set rules change everything but the bonus is offered regularly. 
  • Now there is another bonus which works on the winning bets of the gamesters. Here the main function of the bonus is to identify the right winner. This bonus is called as the accumulator’s day bonus. Under this, the winner of the betting game gets an additional 10% of the winning amount. That is the bonus that works on the winning amount of the individual. The accumulator gets more than what he has won. 


The bonus won by individuals are wholly for them and they can use it in anyways as per their own wish. Many bettors make use of the bonuses in the betting game itself. The bonuses act as money in the betting game. But there are few individuals who tend to withdraw this bonus in the form of money. The bonus money can be withdrawn using the below-stated steps: 

  • STEP 1: Open the personal profile of your account and click on ” Withdrawal.” On the upside of your personal account, you will find the available balance of your account.
  • STEP 2: Choose the mode of transaction under withdrawal. Enter the required details and proceed to confirmation.