How To Use 1xBet Bonus.
How to use 1xBet bonus

A bonus is an additional benefit given by the application to the gamester. The application offers to its users various bonuses, promotions, credits and betting facilities. This is mainly done to retain existing users and attract new ones. There are different kinds of bonuses offered to a different category of bettors depending on different criteria.


  • 100% BONUS: The new joiner of the application gets a 100% bonus on the first deposit. The amount can be in any currency. This gets deposited in the account of the gamester. But the condition here is that within 30 days the credit must be multiplied into 5 times more. This should be done by playing 3 bets. So this bonus is usually taken by bettors who are pros in the field.
  • ACCUMULATOR’S DAY: Under this method of bonus the winners get an additional 10% on their winning amount. This accumulates more funds in the bettor’s account thus the name is accumulator’s day.
  • JACKPOT OF THE DAY: Under this, the application offers various jackpots to the gamesters in a day. The jackpot varies from day to day. These jackpots update their offers on a daily basis. This is one of a kind bonus offered to the bettors. The offers made every day is the catchy aspect of it which in turn retains the users.
  • BONUS ON LOSING THE GAMES: Under this, the application offers a bonus to the bettor who has lost the bet. Basically, you get a bonus for losing a game. The ones who are eligible to get this bonus are the ones who have lost 20 consecutive bets. And here you go! You constantly lose and win a bonus. What’s more impressive than this?
  • FRIDAY’S LUCK: Under this, the gamester wins a bonus on Fridays. The bonus can be collected by making some deposit in your account on Friday. When the deposit is made you get some additional amount on the deposit made. Thus the name is “Lucky Friday.”


You can easily use 1xbet bonus points when once collected. The bonuses come with terms and conditions. They cannot be availed so easily. The bettor can avail of the bonus when he fits into meeting the terms and conditions only. When once the criteria are met you can redeem the bonus. Bonuses can be used easily while betting as they get directly transferred into your account. You can use the bonuses for any sports game. There is no such condition imposed on the types of game you involved in. But make sure that the bets that you place have odds of 1.40 and above. 1xbet how to use bonus is not at all a challenging task. 


Instead of using the bonus amount for betting you can even withdraw the money if you want. For this, you have to go to your personal profile and select “Withdraw”. After selecting withdrawal choose the payment mode. Now enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Fill in the details of your bank account and here you go!


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